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BT-SONIC® 2.0 - Emerald Beauty & Spa BT-SONIC® 2.0 - Emerald Beauty & Spa
BT-SONIC® 2.0 €129,00 €140,50
Description The only cleansing brush you’ll ever need. Powerful and portable, bt-sonic is ideal for all skin types and is gentle enough to be used everyday. This battery operated microsonic cleansing brush has an ergonomic shape that is comfortable in the hand and the triangular cleansing head makes it easy to reach into areas of the face that other brushes simple can’t reach. The Azul silicone bristles are soft and comfortable on the skin. Best of all, there’s no need to change or replace the brush head. bt-sonic is easy to use and provides a professional quality cleanse in approximately two minutes. Smooth, radiant skin awaits. • IPX6 water resistant: The highest level of water resistance that can be achieved. 45% more water resistant than before. • Can be used in any environment including the shower. • High performance tactile button. Contains bt-sonic bt-sonic Manual 2 AAA Batteries 1 Carrying Case Button guard Cleansing head cover
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